Rising Bandwidth Costs School Districts

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Do you remember your school quarters of former times? Although you are not yet mature to have experienced school as shown in various TV programs years ago, perhaps you are old enough to remember that going to universities was easier and more straightforward back then.  You go to your class, greet your teacher and classmates, open your notes and books and teach with infrequent use of PCs during learning hours.

Nowadays, going to school is far different compared before because of the propagation of devices and technology. Sure, learners still trained about various subjects in a typical classroom surrounding and forgo rapports with classmates.  On the other hand, there is an increasing development amongst educators to take account of internet in the lesson plans.

Almost 96 percent of professors believe that the integration of technology in studying is the top priority; this is based on the current research conducted by the Software and Information Industry Association or SIIA. Another 82 percent understand how technology utilizes in classroom will be valuable in connecting learning outside and inside the classroom.

Teachers and educators can improve the experience in learning through utilizing interactive tools online. The arrangement of typical classroom courses and online coursework, or popularly called as Blended Learning could help students enhance retention and achievement.  Therefore, why are teachers not acquiring what they need, further use of the Internet to expand the learning beyond the four corners of the classroom?

Bandwidth Deficiency is the Main Concern

Adding seamlessly the Internet in order to improve learning is not the concern, lack of bandwidth is the main issue. Just take a look at the present circumstances with online access at the K-12 level.  The usual public school or universities has about similar bandwidth of what a home had this according to the report posted by the Education Superhighway. This is a non-profit organization that foresees 100MB Internet access per K-12 University in the United States. Of, course the main difference is that community schools have many users competing for similar online access that affect the performance for all and sundry.

Another concern for is abuse of bandwidth usage, sites like Youtube, Facebook and FrivWay are popular with the students, they also consume great amounts of bandwidth, rising costs for School Districts and slowing down networks, and while many school districts put filters on their internet traffic to prevent students from accessing such sites. Many students have found ways around the filters and network blockers through proxy sites.

The FCC reported that, “Measuring Broadband America, almost 80percent of schools in the US depends on broadband connection that is inept.  With lots of schools utilizing online textbooks, social media, collaboration tools, and broadband access should be further robust.  In actuality, enhancing broadband is not good to have, like optional, it is essential and a must have main requirement.  The main solution to help enhance internet access in many schools is through enhancing bandwidth in order to help 100 MBs or more than for podcast, video streaming, online collaboration and many more that can assist give higher abilities required for today’s public schools.

Now is the right time to help professors and teacher do their tasks through providing the right speed of bandwidth they need in order to improve the teaching experience for the whole learners. It is clear, the innovation in technology is changing the way of learning and the extremely notion if studying itself.  Therefore, professors, and those who are assisting to get kids prepared for their future are more and more desiring robust and fast internet connections.


Technology and the Class Room

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Tablets in the Class Room

The world of advanced technology is now becoming a crucial part in people’s lives in different aspects. Gadgets, electronic devices, and mobile devices are no longer made for only a specific purpose. They can already be used in the business (at home or in the office), instant communication, schools and more fields or areas. Speaking of technological advancement, iPad or tablets have greatly affected the lives and perception of many people.

ipad classroom

School-Issued iPads

The school officials are now concerned with the downloading and installing other unauthorized programs such as Cydia on school issued iPads. Basically, Cydia refers to the iOS software application that allows users to search and install different software packages into the jailbroken Apple iOS devices like iPhone. This is also referring to the digital platform distribution for iOS accessed software through it. While other Cydia Apps are available and have been offered for free while some need purchasing.

Incorporating more technology in learning and classrooms is expanding. The teachers look for exciting and new ways to utilize tablets in their daily learning exercises and activities. The administrators and educators are both finding innovative and new approaches to integrate technology to the constantly changing curriculum requirement.

As these administrators and educators are exploring the use of tablets in the class room, there have quick realization that this task is not actually that easy. In the external part of the schools, students usually use tablets as the recreational device as they enjoy virtual communities and games with them. This implies that these kids are instinctively expecting to engage with the table in recreational fashions. When they have been asked to utilize their tablets as one of the learning tools, they might get irritated or confused at this initial request.

To make them shift into using tablet as a learning aid, teachers take a look at the reasonable, consistent and fair classroom habits in terms of tablet learning environment can be a good step. In fact, there have been several strategies used by the school administrators and teachers to facilitate a positive learning habit in tablet use.

Schools may pursue to keep growing, recognizing and learning that tablets will be a new tool for learning. As with every new tool, they can always experience pains. This is a healthy and natural process for the schools and teachers to promote a better learning system to the students. Persistently concentrate on better habits to develop positive learning environments for both the teachers and students.

Tablets can be a very effective tool for learning if these are used appropriately and accordingly by the students. Of course, the school management should take responsibility in controlling the children and students in using these learning materials. As the advancement of technology becomes a common part of the people, it is the right time for the school administrations to embrace the use of iPads and tablets for implementing their lessons. And through the help of Cydia, they will be able to make a significant change in terms of convenience, ease of use and automatic learning process.

Common Sense Education Classes

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I guess one can say that its a shame that it has come down to this, but one class today’s young generation needs is a class about basic life essentials, otherwise better know as common sense classes. Maybe its a class that wouldn’t be offered until later in high school but its a class that is needed.As the last few years have shown us, the need for such a class has never been greater.

Currently schools are structured to provide education in a manner which prepares students for a continued higher education, and we don’t disagree with that premises of getting students headed towards colleges and universities. However, the reality is that not everyone will get a college degree,  the drop out rates are high.  Additionally, even attaining a college degree doesn’t preclude individuals from needing common sense.

What would a common sense class be like and what would it teach?

The common sense class would teach the things people need to survive in life, for example.

Always have a plan B -  Life is full of curves and you never know when the next one will be through at you, therefore you always need to be prepared. Such has that you need to have 6 months of cash on hand for any emergencies that may come along.

Knowing the difference between good and bad debt – Aspirations of bling and rims are great if your Bill Gates but no so if your average joe, Aspirations of owning your own house are. Buying rims on credit is bad debt, buying your house which will appreciate in value while paying off the debt is good. Taking on debt to go to school which leads to a higher paying job is good. However, if you drop out before attaining your degree that debt will quickly turn bad.

Speaking of owning a house – Past performance is not an indicator of future performance, just because the house marking increased by 20% last year doesn’t mean you should expect it to increase by that amount next year. You also shouldn’t gamble with the value of your house by hoping to flip it or buying a house bigger then you could afford by using an interest only loan. That’s what got the United States into the economic mess that its in.

People should be also thought how to balance a checkbook, cooking meals at home is more healthy and makes more sense cost wise then eating out, that you should look at saving money when ever possible for example, when companies like Clinique offer a Clinique Bonus Timepromotion its wise to take advantage of them or that purchasing some items in bulk is cost effective.

I guess schools think these items will be thought in life, or that they shouldn’t be teaching these types of life lessons to students, however, history has shown us that many people are not learning them in life or from their parents because as a whole, we have taken a step back with common sense. Our education system needs reforms, maybe during those reforms creating more life classes can be part of those reforms.

The need to reform the education system

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As students progress through the education system they tend to fall behind then rest of the developed world in education scores, leaving them unprepared to face the real world and global economy. Long term it has great effects on the United States ability to maintain its standing as a global economic power, military super power and a lead of innovation.


Areas of Reform

There are many areas that schools need to be reformed; one of the first should be in the area of teachers.   Teachers should be fired and hired based on merit.  Yes there are bad teachers out there and yes they should be let go. There shouldn’t be lifetime employment guarantees, which promotes mediocrity . In exchange teachers should have the ability to make more money, not saying that teachers are under compensated now, but teachers that are willing to go above and beyond and get their students to excel should be rewarded in the same manner, above and beyond.

What is thought in schools needs to change

Over time the level of education should increase, we shouldn’t dumb down the curriculum because students are unprepared when they enter the school year, and they may entail keeping students back.  While not all students head to college or universities they should be exposed to trade schools. They should also provided with basic economic and life survival skills such as car rims are not a good long term investment when say compared to Dividend Paying Stocks and that you should be able to buy only what you can afford and leaving beyond your means will gets you in the chexsystems database and yes they should also be prepared for college.


Parents need to be involved

Lastly teachers and schools can only do so much without the help from parents. They need to make sure that their children are completing their homework, they should be involved in the schools to find out what is being taught and how their children are being thought. They should also have the ability to say where they want to send their children to school, whether through open enrollment or a voucher type of system.


These are some of the reforms need to take place in order for our education system to be the cornerstone of our economy, to enable and shape our students for the future and as with any reform there will be push back from those who are either afraid of change or who want to maintain the status quo but for us to progress forward, change is need.

The need for Sex Education in the Classroom

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Over the last 10 years there has been a rising trend which has pushed abstinence only sex education in the classroom.

We understand the desire of some parents and government officials to push for abstinence only sex education but a school is a place of education, it is to inform and prepare students not only for further education but for life as well. A school is not a place where they should set the moral compass of students, that is the responsibility of the parents.

What is thought to students should be age appropriate but by the time students enter high school they should know about safe sex, they should know about the consequence of having unprotected sex, that it could lead not only to pregnancy but other diseases as well which some can kill you and others will stay will you for the rest of their lives or even that you can pass a yeast infection to a partner through unprotected sexual intercourse, yes man can get a male yeast infection.  It should also teach the emotional side of sexual relationships because there is more to sex then just the physical aspect.  Not only should the sexual relationship side be thought but so should the other aspects about the human body such as how to look for testicular cancer.

We understand that some parents may object to have their children exposed to this information and they should have the right to remove their children from school during the time that sex education is thought but they shouldn’t have the right to keep others in the dark or force their will on others.

The Student Debt Problem

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There has been a lot of talk of an student debt epidemic. The reason we use the word epidemic is because over the last 7 years the amount of student debt quadrupled, with student debt surpassing credit card debt as the number one debt carried by consumers, with each current student averaging about 30,000 in debt when they graduate.

Having student debt isn’t epidemic on its own, but the reason were calling it an epidemic is because the inability of students to service their debt in the current economy. Just like people who bought houses on interest only mortgages only to see the value of them go down and payments increase once principle kicked in and there inability to either refinance or sell the home caused the housing market to crash so is the inability of students to find employment to service their student debt and in a sense its worse. With home owners their debt with removed with the foreclosing of their house, however there is no home to foreclose on for students, its not like they will take their diploma away and student debt for the most part can’t be shed through bankruptcy either.

In a slow economy with new grads unable to find gainful employment and with student debt payments headed down the pipeline the results will be catastrophic when the paths crosses. That’s not to say that students don’t have options available to them to reduce or remove their debt through student loan forgiveness programs but the majority will not qualify. How bad the destruction will be is still unknown but I would expect major changes not only to student financing of education but to the education system as well.


Learning With Words With Friends

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There are a lot of different ways people learn, most people learn by hands on experience, whether in life by having a good or bad experience or in school where you worked out school problems.

As a society, education is the fundamental building block, which powers our society and economy. As the economy changes the focus on education has become more important. Which has been shown by the recent unemployment numbers.  Those with a college education have had a lower unemployment rate than those without a college education.

Technology has also changed the way we look at education. With the introduction of iPads into the education system, people are looking at new ways of educating our youngsters.  In the future video and distance learning will play a major factor in education. As is the constant update of our information. No longer will students be issued outdated books as we have the technology to provide students with the latest books.

Another way people are looking at educating the new generations is through teaching students through games. Games like Words with Friends combined with an education environment can provide tremendous opportunities for students to learn which is different than the standard form, however no less effective.   Because in the end, no matter how people learn as they continue to learn is what is the most important.

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